Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Paid Internships/Placements in Publishing

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After analysing my website statistics and traffic sources, I’ve seen that many of my readers have been referred via search engines, searching for the term ‘paid publishing placements/internships’ in publishing. Therefore, I’ve decided to write a blog post as a guide to the limit paid placements in the industry.

Many of you that have already done research on paid placements have probably realised that really there isn’t many out there. I’ve been doing my own research in preparation for this blog –covering magazines, newspapers and book publishing. I have to warn you, I haven’t found a great deal.

Below, I have listed the companies that have advertised paid placements:

Penguin – Penguin have introduced their new ‘Paid Summer 2012 internships’, which I believe they recruit for annually. I did a blog post on this a while ago - 'Penguin Paid Internships Summer 2012'.

For more information visit: http://gs12.globalsuccessor.com/fe/tpl_penguin01.asp

Pearson – The Pearson diversity internship and the journalism placement at the FT.

For more information visit: http://summerinternships.pearson.com/how-to-apply.htm

Hachette – Occasionally, they do have paid internship openings. I met the paid digital intern when I was doing work experience there, and I know that she had been there for a least a few months.

Keep checking this page for paid internship opportunities: http://www.hachette.co.uk/WorkForUs/Careers

The National Magazine Company - Occasionally, they do have paid internship openings.

Keep checking this page for paid internship opportunities: http://www.hearst.co.uk/magazines/8-Opportunities.htm

Conde Nast Easy Living are currently looking for a Picture Desk Intern, who will be paid for 3 months at national minimum wage.

To apply send your CV and cover letter to: lucy.teasdale@condenast.co.uk

For more information on this vacancy or to find other paid internship opportunities visit: http://digital.condenastinternational.com/uk/pub-page.current-jobs.htm

Please note: Some of the companies that I have listed above aren’t advertising paid placements at the moment. Thus, the links I have provided may not currently show the paid placements, but it is important to check these links regularly for the limited vacancies.

Please be aware that there may be other paid placement opportunities advertised with the companies above, which I have not stated. Unfortunately, it seems that other companies just aren’t offering many paid internships. It is a bit of a bleak outlook for my blog post this week. However, I will add the few placements listed above into a new page entitled Paid Internships.

Please feel free to leave comments/responses below. Don’t forget that I’m still looking for contributors to share positive intern experiences.

Are you still feeling unenthused or at a loss? Next week I plan to write a blog post entitled ‘How do I afford work experience?’

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