Saturday, 11 February 2012

Keeping you updated...

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It has been a while since I have posted a ‘Keeping you updated...’ blog post. This is due to my launch of the ‘Career Search Diary (1)’, which actually says a lot about what I have been doing anyway, and not to mention, I have been focussing most of my energy on my studies.

For those unaware, yesterday my second Guardian article went live and is entitled ‘Top tips for finding publishing placements’ ( It took some time to publish but I think it paid off. Essentially, the article goes into more detail about how to research for a publishing placement – especially if like me, you started with no experience.

Furthermore, I’m still writing fortnightly for my column on The website has had a bit of a refurbish recently causing a reorganisation so, instead of being part of ‘Luxe Life’ I’m now part of ‘Style’ instead. Overall, I’m still very happy with my internship there, especially as it’s so flexible.

Additionally, I have written a small money saving tip for The Evening Standard, which should be published very soon. I got this opportunity through Twitter (of course), and I hope to continue a relationship with them.

For those lucky ones that have read up to this point. I have found another paid placement at Conde Nast, PA to Editor/Editorial Intern ( I’m hoping that some of you are way ahead of me and have already found this opportunity. Don’t forget that the links you can regularly check for paid work are on the ‘Paid Internships’ page.

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