Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bag Essentials: Ever wondered what to take with you on placement?

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In the excitement that your placement has been secured, you can sometimes forget about the little things. It is all about preparation in the most basic form in order to make a good impression. Ever wondered what to take with you on placement? Just because you’ve made a good impression previously, doesn’t mean your efforts should stop there. Therefore, below, I have listed some bag essentials that you may like to take on placement.

1) Equipment

Don’t take everything for granted. Some companies are happy to supply you with stationary. However, if this is not the case then you’ll make a good impression by having your own notepad and pen. In smaller companies, it may be necessary to take a laptop with you to your placement, but they should tell you this beforehand.

2) Water

They say it is good for the brain, and at the very least, it will keep you hydrated. I always take a bottle of water with me on placement, that way; I can easily fill it up at the water fountain – it is good to leave the desk once in a while.

3) Health Essentials

There is nothing worse than having a headache on placement. Make sure you’re carrying some paracetamol in case this happens, don’t rely on other people to have them. Additionally, carry some plasters for when your feet get sore. The publishing industry is a fast-paced environment and you need to keep up, so take care of yourself.

4) Required Documentation

As with equipment, the placement organiser should let you know whether they require any documentation such as, copy of your passport, confidentiality agreements etc. If you do need to fill out any documentation then make sure, you don’t forget to take it with you on your first day. I went on a placement once where I had to sign documentation and take it with me on my first day. It was a requirement, and if I forgot it then I wouldn’t have been able to start.

The above pointers do depend on the company and your own personal preferences. Nevertheless, these bag essentials are something to consider if you have a placement coming up. It is important to be prepared and to give an overall good impression.

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