About Me

My name is Steff Lever and I'm a CRM professional. My journey began back in 2010 during my first year of University studying English Literature. It was then that I first started to think about my future career and breaking into the publishing industry. I soon discovered that to get a job in the media work experience is a must. So while I was at University, I gradually gained a wealth of work experience, completing various placements in magazines and book publishing for companies like Random House and Hachette. For a full listing visit my LinkedIn page

Fortunately my hard work paid off as in June 2012, four weeks after finishing my University course, I landed my first graduate job interview, which subsequently led to my first job at Time Inc UK. I was lucky enough to achieve all of this before I even graduated. 

Even though at times my working life feels like a roller coaster, an endless ride of highs and lows. I know that in the end I'm going to get 'there', even if I don't know where 'there' is yet.  
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