Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas to do list

Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is fast approaching, whether you’re a student or graduate try to make the most of the holiday. It’s the perfect time to be productive, and plan what you’re going to do over Christmas and the New Year. Ensure you get work experience or a job in 2013 by creating a Christmas to do list.

Before you start your own to do list ensure you’ve thought about the following:-
  • What you want to achieve – perhaps it’s bettering yourself at interviews, gaining work experience or securing your first job. Write this down as your ultimate goal.
  • Think about how you’re going to achieve this – jot down some key words such as, setting aside time and being motivated. Focus on this criteria to inspire your to do list.

Now you can start your to do list. Below are just a few examples of what you might put down.
  • Email a contact you have in the industry, wish them a happy Christmas and enquire about work placements or ask for application advice.
  • Ask a family member or friend for advice.

Online Resources:
  • Use Twitter hash tags to find vacancies
  • Go on sites such as The Guardian Careers blog for careers advice.
  • Use search engines like Google to broaden your research
  • Look back on my blog at all the intern opportunities post, find email addresses and email the companies for work experience.
  • Order yourself some books – e.g. you may be interested in what body language to adopt at interviews.

CV & cover letter
  • Update your CV ready for 2013 and list any upcoming work placements you have scheduled.
  • Perfect your CV and cover letter templates, and then use them as a foundation to tailor your work applications.
  • Post your applications ready for potential employers to receive in the New Year.

Above are just a few examples of what you might put on your own Christmas to do list. Be as specific and varied as you like. The most important thing is to be proactive- get ready to take on 2013. Take the time to create your Christmas to do list and action it! Make your goal your New Year’s resolution.

Lastly, from me, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Intern Opportunities: 18 December 12

Paid internships

Graduate jobs

Opportunity of the week...

Endeavour Press is a new digital publisher that specialises in both non-fiction and fiction eBooks by bestselling and debut authors. They are offering enthusiastic and enterprising students/graduates, a work experience placement in Publishing. It will involve working from home and in the office, and you will be encouraged to attend events such as book launches and literary festivals in the evening. This is a full time placement that can be undertaken for one month or three months, commencing mid January 2013. In return, Endeavour Press can provide contacts and experience to help you obtain further work experience or a full time job in publishing. We have helped to place a number of previous interns with positions at major publishing houses (including Hodder, Simon & Schuster, Headline). Please feel free to contact Richard Foreman on should you have any questions, send CV to or wish to discuss further. Applicants from in and around London preferred.

This will be the last intern opportunities post until the New Year. Weekly opportunities will recommence on 02 January 2013. 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Intern Opportunities: 11 December 2012

Paid internships

Graduate jobs

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Intern Opportunities: 04 December 2012

Paid internships

Graduate jobs
If you have an internship you'd like advertised then contact me

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Intern Opportunities 27 November 2012

Paid internships

Graduate jobs

Opportunity of the week...
  • 7city Learning is a financial training company based in central London. They are looking for an enthusiastic intern to help in their busy publishing department for between 3 and 6 months. The successful candidate will help produce this material whilst learning the basics of publishing. This internship is paid

Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Graduate Success: My New Beginning

I still can’t believe that I managed to secure a permanent position so quickly after my contract ended at woman&home and Homes &Gardens. I was out of work for a good few weeks before I secured my weekfreelancing, and this is all thanks to the connections I’ve built up in HR. Itreally proves how important networking is throughout your professional life.

Honestly, I secured my job because I was at the right placeand right time. I was freelancing in the advertising department, and it was there that I found out a position was available for a PA to the Advertising Director. This wasn't a traditional PA role, which added to its appeal. I was immediately interested in the role, but knew I would have to be as impressive as I possibly could if I was to stand a chance at getting an interview. Luckily, I was in direct contact with the Ad Director (interviewer) and was able to prove my abilities, a position I had never been in before. To cut a long story short, by the end of the week I had expressed my interest,handed over my CV and made the best impression I possibly could. Needless to say, I’m glad that my hard work paid off that week as I did secure an interview and the job.

It became clear to me during my freelance week that there are a lot of components to enjoying a job, not just what you're doing but the people, environment and atmosphere. I can safely say that I'm enjoying everything about my job and therefore couldn't be happier. 

For me, happiness is the key to success and this is just thebeginning.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Intern Opportunities 20 November 2012

Paid internship
First job

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Intern Opportunities: 13 November 2012

Paid internships

Graduate work

Are you looking for a freelance position?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Have you heard the news?

If you haven't been keeping up with me on Twitter then you'll be pleased to hear that I've secured a permanent position at IPC Media! I'm absolutely thrilled and can't wait to start on Monday.

I'll be writing about my little adventure to success next week - look out for it - 'My Graduate Success: My new beginning'. 

Have a lovely week! :-)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Intern Opportunities: 6th November 2012

Paid internship

First job

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Graduate Success: My Rollercoaster Ride

Of course, many of you know by now that I was lucky enough to secure a job before I graduated. However, unknown to most was that this job was temporary to cover maternity leave. I was optimistic that my contract would be extended and that I would eventually become a permanent employee. 

It was a Monday like any other when I found out that my contract wasn't going to be renewed. 

A meeting with both of my bosses early that afternoon rang alarm bells in mind. I hadn’t had a meeting with both of them since my interview so I thought it likely that they'd be discussing my contract as the end date was nearing. I was excited, curious and scared. Despite the fact I know my contract was coming to end, I was certain that due to how well I had performed on my job that it would at least be extended for a few more months. I dreaded prospect of becoming an unemployed graduate.

I was taken to a different floor. I entered the room and sat in front of my two bosses. Numerous thoughts about how much I enjoy my job entered my head and I was sure that this meeting would have a positive outcome. But I was kidding myself. One of my bosses opened the conversation ‘As you know your contract is coming to an end....’, I sit and let them continue, ‘unfortunately we won’t be renewing your contract’. My mind paused as the words hit me and I sat silent. Not to sound big headed but I was in a state of shock. I was hoping that my hard work over the months would have paid off. 

In the end, I resorted to answering ‘fine’. I couldn’t think of anything else to say, but of course it wasn’t fine. Before this point, I was convinced that the day would never come and when it did, I wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

Some weeks on I now face the prospect of finding another job. A once publishing professional turned back to a publishing intern – really disappointing. But rest assured readers, the disheartening experience won’t affect my desire for a job in the publishing industry. I’ve learnt a lot, left on good grounds and received glowing feedback from the people I’ve come into contact with. If I had my time again I wouldn’t change a single thing.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for me. Luckily, the positive impression I made and the relationship I’ve built with HR means that my journey at IPC isn’t quite ending yet. Fortunately, last week I was back doing some temp work in the advertising department, which I thoroughly enjoyed. At the moment, I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I'm a big believer in fate and I know that everything happens for a reason. I'm simply meant to be elsewhere.

Watch this space. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Intern Opportunities: 30 October 2012

Do you want a 12 month paid internship?
  • Elle magazine is seeking an art intern for up to 12 months. 

Are you looking for your first job?                     

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Intern Opportunities: 23 October 2012

Do you want a part time internship?
Do you want a paid internship?
  • Macmillan books is offering a paid internship for six weeks for a telesales project
Are you looking for your first job?
  • Effective Personnel Solutions has the position available for a marketing and sales assistant. It is a perfect role for an enthusiastic graduate looking to start a career in the marketing/sales side of publishing.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Internship Opportunities: 16 October 2012

Do you want a 6-month paid internship?

Are you looking for your first job?

Opportunity of the week...

ReadWave, a new digital publishing platform started by UCL postgrads, is looking for students who are interested a career in publishing. ReadWave has recently been funded by investors who have been involved in Skype, LOVEFiLM and Songkick. The aim of ReadWave is to become the YouTube for writers.
We're looking for students who are passionate about publishing to help build a revolutionary new publishing platform. Duties would include copy writing, marketing, PR, book reviews and editing. Initially we are looking for interns, but there is a potential for hiring full-time or part-time staff. 

If you are interested, please get in touch with

If you have an internship opportunity and would like to advertise it, please contact me.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Aim for the stars to achieve your dreams

She came, she saw, she conquered – yes Steff Lever is an inspiration if ever there was one...” (

Some of you may not know that last week my blog was chosen as the ‘Blog of the month’ on the I am absolutely thrilled with the review particularly as I’ve always had the goal to inspire others. Without a doubt, I’m blessed to have certain people around me who strive to be better and encourage my aspirations. Without them I probably wouldn’t have created this blog or had quite the work ethic that I do now.

But if you’re struggling or losing hope in achieving your dreams, then below I’ve supplied a few tips to try and steer you onto the path of success...

Don’t give up
If you’re a graduate who has faced many application rejections or even if you’re a student struggling to gain work experience, then the important thing to remember is not to give up. Remember, something that is worth achieving is never easy. For instance, one of my readers was on the verge of giving up their dream for a career in publishing but through reading my blog they found a determination within themselves to continue. Being determined and willing is half the battle. Don’t give up because sooner or later your dreams will come true.

Get yourself out there
If you have dreams of a career in the publishing or any other industry then make some positive steps towards achieving them. For example, if you’re interested in writing then start up a blog, or if you’re interested in books then you could write reviews or volunteer at the local library. If you can take up some form of a hobby/interest that is linked to your desired career, then it is certainly something impressive and of interest to prospective employers. Anything that will make you unique and stand out from the crowd could certainly work in your favour.

The importance of impressions
Every minute of every day people are making impressions. Don’t forget that your online presence, your work applications, the minute you walk into an interview are all ways that you’re going to make an impression, so it’s important to create a positive one. By this, I don’t just mean smiling at your interviewer or being well groomed. Instead, actively think about how you’re going to influence a positive impression. For example, let’s think about an interview situation. What can you say or do in an interview to create a good impression? Have a think about the below.

You can:
  • Adopt positive body language – no slouching
  • Be attentive and keep eye contact
  • Show off – don’t wait for the interviewer to ask you about the research you’ve done – they may not ask. Therefore, take control and try to talk about the relevant research you’ve done when answering their questions.
  • Communicate effectively – try to minimise ‘erms’ and don’t just give a little to the interviewer, give A LOT.

o   By this I mean, explain your answers. Don’t give too long or short answers, make sure you explain your answers and start connecting these to questions that your interviewer may ask you. For example, they may ask you about your previous experience at a specific company, you’ll probably make a positive statement about your experience, but can this answer be extended and linked to your own self-development? Alternatively, can you relate it to your greatest achievement? Is there something positive you can say in your answer to give your interviewer a good impression? Always aim for a 50/50 conversation with your interviewer to create a repartee.

Before, many of you have contacted me either to ask for advice or to tell me how useful you’re finding this blog. I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time out to do this and just to reiterate, the new ‘Testimonials’ page on this blog will allow you to make any future comments. With these comments, I would really like to create an online community for students or graduates that are aiming for success. So if you have anything to say then get in touch!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Intern Opportunities: 9 October 2012

Do you want a 6-week internship?

Are you looking for your first job?
  • Penguin children’s books have the position available for a marketing assistant. Click here to apply

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Intern Opportunities: 02 October 2012

Do you want a 12-month internship?

Are you looking for a temporary job?

Did you know...

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Opportunities outside of London: Where do I start?

I’m well aware that there are lots of work experience opportunities in London and probably not as many as there are outside of London, or at least not as well known. It can be more difficult to find local publishers but the extra time can pay off. For example, I undertook a placement with OldCastle books for four weeks and it barely cost me anything apart from packed lunches. This company are based in my hometown so I could easily walk to and from the office. I only found them because I did my research. I simply went onto Google and searched ‘publishing’ and ‘intern opportunities’ in ‘Hertfordshire’. I never expected to find a local company, but luckily, I did and it gave me just as good experience as any well known company.

I always recommend that interns seek placements locally and especially for those that can’t afford them in the London area. This could be particularly relevant to those that live North of London. This is why I’ve dedicated a blog post to touch upon the opportunities available outside of London. Of course, there are publishers based in the Midlands and North, but obviously than can be a lot more difficult to find. You’ll probably end up stumbling across one accidentally on a Google search.  Anyway, work experience isn’t all about London and just because you don’t live there, doesn’t mean that you are any less better off gaining experience at a company local to you. At the end of the day any experience counts. Below I’m going to share a few links with you to start your search for intern opportunities, outside of London.   

Society of Young Publishers
The SYP has a Midlands and Northern branch that host events and talks regularly. These have a wealth of potential in terms of networking with other publishing professionals. Believe me, getting into the publishing industry is a lot about networking and whom you know. Check out the events dates below and add them to your diary.

Children’s Publishers
There are quite a lot of children’s publishers outside of London and specifically around the Manchester/Leeds area, but it does depend what area you’re looking to get into. I would say though, even if it’s not children’s specifically, there’s still valuable experience to be gained at any publishers. By this I mean that all publishers will have an editorial department whether they’re a children’s or adult’s publisher, so it’s worth gaining experience where you can in the relevant department you’re most interested in.

Once you’ve had a look at the list do your research. Are any of these publishers nearby? Do they take work experience applications? If not, is there an email address where you can direct your enquiry?

Other useful websites
The Oxford Brookes website is brilliant for advertising intern opportunities particularly around the Oxford area (link available here). Additionally, Manchester University Press offers internships. Contact the member staff stated in the relevant department you’re interested in (link available here) and send them your CV. 

Don’t forget that my blog has a book publishing page and magazine + journalism page that supplies links to intern opportunities.   

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Intern Opportunities: 25 September 2012

Do you want a paid internship?

Are you looking for your first job?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Intern Opportunities: 18 September 2012

Do you want a paid internship?

Are you looking for your first job?
  • Bauer Media has a position available for a receptionist/facilities assistant. Click here to apply

Saturday, 15 September 2012

I keep getting rejections, what shall I do?

A question that I’m sure has been asked by many  in this difficult climate. Sometimes you can spend hours or even days on applications and still find that you’ve fallen short at the first hurdle. Some employers don’t even bother to inform you or take the time out to give you feedback. More often than not, many graduate applications will appear to go unnoticed or just receive a standard rejection. However, there is a way forward and below I’ve supplied a few tips to help you on your way to success.

1)Question your application
If getting rejections is a recurring outcome for you then a good place to start would be to question your application. This may be difficult at first as you’re the one that’s written it, but put yourself in the position of the receiver who no doubt will receive hundreds of applications.  Have a read of my questions below as a starting point.

Have you tailored your CV and cover letter?
If you haven’t then you don’t stand a chance. This should be considered second nature when it comes to your graduate applications.

Is your application just full of ‘empty words’?
By this I mean, are you simply stating that you’re very hard working and not supplying any evidence or an explanation as to why you’ve said it. Empty phrases like this on their own do not add anything to your application. Make sure you give these phrases have a purpose otherwise erase them.

Is your application relevant to the job you’re applying for?
For instance, if your cover letter and CV is based around your entire editorial experience and you’re going for a social media role, then you’d be best off just relating your social media experience in your application. For example, stating that you’ve written/edited articles will not suffice. Better examples will consist of ‘In my previous placement I have written tweets and posted on Facebook to drive a marketing campaign’. You may have been working in the editorial department but you’ve at least tried to relate your previous work experience to the role.

Does your application give a genuine interest in the company?
This will come back to how well you’ve tailored your CV and cover letter. If it’s been tailored well, it will mention the company a few times and give an indication as to why you’re applying to that company. For example, you may have a personal interest in the books that they publish.

Are you standing out?
Obvious examples of standing out are if for instance, you are applying for a creative role and you can be visually creative with your application. In an editorial role this may be more difficult, but by just creating a portfolio in the format of a word document including your CV, cover letter and writing samples is an obvious start. Other simple ways of standing out will be to make sure your application fits what they’re specifying as the ‘ideal candidate’. Make sure this is clear in your application. See my previous blog post for job seekers for more information on the ‘ideal candidate’. 

2)Explore the field – what does a successful candidate have that you don’t?
I don’t expect you to be a psychic and know what other successful applications look like, but the point is to know why you’re falling short. For instance, do you have no experience in the roles that you’re going for? Do you have no experience in the relevant field? Do you not have the right qualification? All these facets need to be examined. The good thing about being a jobseeker is that you have the time to examine what is going wrong with your applications and then you have a chance to make some positive steps to making your applications better in future. 

3)Ask advice from others
If you feel comfortable, why not show one of your friends or parents your most recent application and see if they can give you any advice. Sometimes others can notice things that you’ve missed. If you don’t feel as though you can ask anyone then email me – I always love to hear from my readers.

4)Be careful with your timing
It’s always best to apply for a job as soon as you see the vacancy advertised. In other words, don’t hold off for a few days. Instead, apply as soon as you can because early applications create a good impression, whereas applications on or even after the closing date won’t be as impressionable. Once your application is submitted, wait at least 10 days before you follow up (if you decide to) and it’s probably best to call up rather than to just email. Calls will be handled at that moment whereas emails are easier to just acknowledge rather than respond to.

For my readers that do keep getting rejections or not hearing back from companies at all – don’t give up. A rejection is the worst thing that can happen to an application. Learn from it, and as long as you now make positive steps towards changing it, then the only way is up!  

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Intern Opportunities: 11 September 2012

Do you want a paid internship?
  • Online Store (interior and lifestyle) is after a digital copy writing intern. This position could lead to a paid freelance role within the company. Click here to apply

Are you looking for your first job?
  • Book publisher Penguin has a position available for a PA/Administrator. Click here to apply

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Intern Opportunities: 4th September 2012

  • is after an intern to support their online magazine and shop. Click here to apply

Do you want a 6-month internship?

Are you looking for your first job?
  • Hodder and Stoughton book publishers are still looking for two social media assistants to join their team. Click here to apply 
  • Bauer Media is seeking a staff writer for their brand Trail Running. Click here to apply.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

When is the 'right' time to apply?

I’ve been pondering the answer to this question for a while now, and after my graduate success, I can’t help but think that any time is the right time to apply. I know that a lot of graduates want to enjoy their summer and have a break before they go into the world of work, but in today’s climate it simply isn’t as straight forward as that. We already know that there aren’t enough jobs to go around so why delay applying. Perhaps they believe that as soon as they start applying for jobs, they’ll soon have interviews and soon have a job, but for those that have been out of work a while will know that the scenario plays out differently. So below I’ve complied a few pointers for you to think about when contemplating when to apply for graduate jobs.

1) Never assume
This pointer is building on my points above. If you’re in the position of just finishing university and desiring to have a couple of months off, I would still recommend that you apply for jobs. Those lucky ones will get interviews and jobs, whereas the unlucky will be forced to have a couple of months off. If you decide not to apply for jobs later rather than sooner, then you could hinder your chances of getting a job when you do start to apply. So never assume that once you start applying for jobs that you’ll hear back from the companies and be offered interviews – the reality is very different and the competition is fierce.

2) Sooner is always better than later
If you’re asking yourself when you should apply and you’ve already graduated, well the right time was probably at least six weeks before you graduated. It may seem like that is too early but it really isn’t. In today’s climate, multiple applications may not even gain one interview. So increase your chances of getting an interview and apply for jobs sooner rather than later. Use the same principle when actually applying for jobs. If a position has just become available, don’t wait a few days to apply, write your application now.

3) Give yourself plenty of notice
 Preferably you need to start applying for jobs before you actually need one, so a maximum of six weeks in advance. This is because you need to account for when applications are simply ‘ignored’ without notice, any rejections and multiple interviews leading to either a rejection or a job.  You need to account for the worst-case scenario in order to minimise the amount of time you’re out of work.

4) If you’re still a student...
Don’t wait until your graduation to apply for jobs, start applying when your course ends. I applied for jobs at the end of May as I was available to start working from June onwards. Don’t forget that many graduates that have just graduated will apply from July onwards – get in there first.  

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Intern Opportunities: 28 August 2012

Are you looking for your first job?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Intern Opportunities: 21 August 2012

  • Lighting magazine is looking for an online/editorial intern to work across both print and online. Click here to apply

Would you like a paid internship to start early 2013?
  • Profile books are currently taking applications for 8-week placements to start January 2013. Click here to apply.

Do you want a temporary paid internship?

Are you looking for your first job?

Did you know...
Curtis Brown provides paid internships on a regular basis in their books department. Keep checking their website for vacancies. 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Things to know while you're job hunting

At school we’re never properly educated in the methods of job hunting, and it can vary from industry to industry. It’s important that when you’re job hunting to really put a lot of effort in. It’s easy to fall behind on job seeking, especially if you feel as though you are getting nowhere. However, you should try to implement it into your daily routine.
Once you’re in the full swing of job seeking its easy to become lazy and forget about the little things. Below are a few small things you may want to remember…

1)Widen your search
We already know that there aren’t enough entry-level jobs for the number of graduates, so don’t be too picky when applying for these types of roles. Its slim pickings out there and only the very best candidates will be able to secure the positions. For instance, you may want a job in digital marketing but don’t rule out the general marketing positions.

2)Search and apply in good time
If you can’t start working for a while then you need to make sure that you don’t apply for jobs too early. Six weeks before you can start is probably the maximum amount of time in advance – usually employers want to employ people as soon they can. Plus, make sure you alert the employer to any holidays coming up that may affect interview schedules.

3)Pay attention to your online presence
Don’t forget about the little things like online presence. However big or small your employer is potentially watching or ‘reading’ you – not that you’re being stalked or anything – they’re probably just curious. It’s nothing to worry about, but just to keep in when you’re tweeting or blogging about job hunting. Anything negative has the potential to give negative impressions.

4)Incorporate job hunting into your daily routine
The key thing to remember is that effective job hunting needs to be done on a regular basis. You’ll probably be much more successful at finding a position if you’re, job seeking each day, applying to a job each day (spending time on your applications) and keeping an eye out on social media for vacancies.

5)Keeping positive
However hard this may be, try to stay positive when looking for a graduate role. Your day will come; it’s only a matter of time. Everything else that may happen before, like an application rejection, take in your stride and consider it a learning curve.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Intern Opportunities: 14th August 2012

Do you want a paid internship?

Are you looking for your first job?
  • Hodder and Stoughton books have a position available for a publicity assistant. Click here to apply

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Intern Opportunities: 07 August 2012

Do you want a 3-month internship?

Are you desperate for a book-publishing placement?
  • Don’t forget that Random House often advertise their placement opportunities on their Facebook page.... 

Are you looking for your first job?
  • Closer magazine has an entry-level position available for a picture researcher. Click here to apply

Are you a graduate seeking temporary work?