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Aim for the stars to achieve your dreams

She came, she saw, she conquered – yes Steff Lever is an inspiration if ever there was one...” (

Some of you may not know that last week my blog was chosen as the ‘Blog of the month’ on the I am absolutely thrilled with the review particularly as I’ve always had the goal to inspire others. Without a doubt, I’m blessed to have certain people around me who strive to be better and encourage my aspirations. Without them I probably wouldn’t have created this blog or had quite the work ethic that I do now.

But if you’re struggling or losing hope in achieving your dreams, then below I’ve supplied a few tips to try and steer you onto the path of success...

Don’t give up
If you’re a graduate who has faced many application rejections or even if you’re a student struggling to gain work experience, then the important thing to remember is not to give up. Remember, something that is worth achieving is never easy. For instance, one of my readers was on the verge of giving up their dream for a career in publishing but through reading my blog they found a determination within themselves to continue. Being determined and willing is half the battle. Don’t give up because sooner or later your dreams will come true.

Get yourself out there
If you have dreams of a career in the publishing or any other industry then make some positive steps towards achieving them. For example, if you’re interested in writing then start up a blog, or if you’re interested in books then you could write reviews or volunteer at the local library. If you can take up some form of a hobby/interest that is linked to your desired career, then it is certainly something impressive and of interest to prospective employers. Anything that will make you unique and stand out from the crowd could certainly work in your favour.

The importance of impressions
Every minute of every day people are making impressions. Don’t forget that your online presence, your work applications, the minute you walk into an interview are all ways that you’re going to make an impression, so it’s important to create a positive one. By this, I don’t just mean smiling at your interviewer or being well groomed. Instead, actively think about how you’re going to influence a positive impression. For example, let’s think about an interview situation. What can you say or do in an interview to create a good impression? Have a think about the below.

You can:
  • Adopt positive body language – no slouching
  • Be attentive and keep eye contact
  • Show off – don’t wait for the interviewer to ask you about the research you’ve done – they may not ask. Therefore, take control and try to talk about the relevant research you’ve done when answering their questions.
  • Communicate effectively – try to minimise ‘erms’ and don’t just give a little to the interviewer, give A LOT.

o   By this I mean, explain your answers. Don’t give too long or short answers, make sure you explain your answers and start connecting these to questions that your interviewer may ask you. For example, they may ask you about your previous experience at a specific company, you’ll probably make a positive statement about your experience, but can this answer be extended and linked to your own self-development? Alternatively, can you relate it to your greatest achievement? Is there something positive you can say in your answer to give your interviewer a good impression? Always aim for a 50/50 conversation with your interviewer to create a repartee.

Before, many of you have contacted me either to ask for advice or to tell me how useful you’re finding this blog. I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time out to do this and just to reiterate, the new ‘Testimonials’ page on this blog will allow you to make any future comments. With these comments, I would really like to create an online community for students or graduates that are aiming for success. So if you have anything to say then get in touch!

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