Saturday, 18 August 2012

Things to know while you're job hunting

At school we’re never properly educated in the methods of job hunting, and it can vary from industry to industry. It’s important that when you’re job hunting to really put a lot of effort in. It’s easy to fall behind on job seeking, especially if you feel as though you are getting nowhere. However, you should try to implement it into your daily routine.
Once you’re in the full swing of job seeking its easy to become lazy and forget about the little things. Below are a few small things you may want to remember…

1)Widen your search
We already know that there aren’t enough entry-level jobs for the number of graduates, so don’t be too picky when applying for these types of roles. Its slim pickings out there and only the very best candidates will be able to secure the positions. For instance, you may want a job in digital marketing but don’t rule out the general marketing positions.

2)Search and apply in good time
If you can’t start working for a while then you need to make sure that you don’t apply for jobs too early. Six weeks before you can start is probably the maximum amount of time in advance – usually employers want to employ people as soon they can. Plus, make sure you alert the employer to any holidays coming up that may affect interview schedules.

3)Pay attention to your online presence
Don’t forget about the little things like online presence. However big or small your employer is potentially watching or ‘reading’ you – not that you’re being stalked or anything – they’re probably just curious. It’s nothing to worry about, but just to keep in when you’re tweeting or blogging about job hunting. Anything negative has the potential to give negative impressions.

4)Incorporate job hunting into your daily routine
The key thing to remember is that effective job hunting needs to be done on a regular basis. You’ll probably be much more successful at finding a position if you’re, job seeking each day, applying to a job each day (spending time on your applications) and keeping an eye out on social media for vacancies.

5)Keeping positive
However hard this may be, try to stay positive when looking for a graduate role. Your day will come; it’s only a matter of time. Everything else that may happen before, like an application rejection, take in your stride and consider it a learning curve.

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