Saturday, 29 October 2011

Twitter - a useful tool for your placement search?

Usually, every couple of Saturday’s of each month, I’ll post a new exciting intern opportunity for students and graduates. However, this week, I’ve come to a little bit of a blank. After numerous attempts at researching on websites for publishing opportunities, i.e. ‘Prospects’ and ‘Rate My Placement’ - I’ve received nothing and simply told that there are ‘No Results Found’. In my despair I even ‘Googled’ the phrase ‘publishing opportunities’, and once again I came to a blank.
Are you finding yourself in a similar situation, when it comes to searching for intern opportunities?
Researching for placements and internships can be very time consuming. However, after reading an article on the Guardian Careers website today, called ‘Job Hunting on Twitter’, it inspired me to write this blog post, along. So instead of the normal ‘intern opportunity’ post, this is what you’re getting instead. Information about how you can search for intern placements on the social networking site Twitter.
I’m still relatively new to Twitter (@steff_lever) so, everyday I’m finding out new things and in essence, I’m trying to become a ‘pro Tweeter’. During this time, I’ve come across quite a lot of profiles - mostly aimed at career s and recruitment. Of course, inevitably I follow these little profiles of ‘intern gold’, and thus I get regular intern opportunities displayed on my Twitter feed every day.
Don’t worry though; you don’t need to join Twitter if it’s not your ‘thing’. Instead, I’ll just paste below a few Twitter profiles, which are useful and worth checking out for opportunities. Remember, you can browse all of these without signing up.
Twitter profiles that are great for intern opportunities/careers help: @4Talent @voxpopPRcareers @Prospects. @GuardianCareers @bbc3tv @futurerising @SYP_UK @internaware @gradvine and so on.
Of course, there will be many more so get researching.

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