Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Snapshot Diary - London Confidential July-September 2011

London Confidential was my first work placement where I was able to try out a bit of journalism and writing. I’ve always had a passion for writing, which started during English Lit A-Level, where evitably I was writing a lot of essays.

I came across London Confidential, a relatively new online magazine company that is based in London, whilst searching for journalism based placements. Once I applied, I had to attend a short interview with the Listings Editor, at this point I was confirmed a placement shortly after. This placement was longer than others and instead of being full time; it was just 2 days a week. This suited me fine, as at the same time, I was working 3 days a week at OldCastle Books.

Anyway, I didn’t have any set tasks as such, except that that I had to be able to write articles – one article per day. Even though at first, it didn’t seem to be varied in terms of tasks, I found it varied in terms of the articles I wrote. I would do articles covering various sections of the magazine like, beauty, fashion, arts and entertainment. So, to say the least, I did enjoy my time at LC, going on this placement definitely reignited my passion for writing. Overall, during my time there, the office environment was comfortable and the Editors were quite helpful.

In addition, LC was very flexible about working from home, which would be great for students/graduates that can’t afford the expenses (such as travel). However, a major plus is, unlike some companies, LC do pay for all your expenses (lunch and travel) - as long as receipts are kept. I would recommend this placement for anyone who wants to do writing based work.

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