Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Top 5 Tips once you're on your placement

1) Make a diary
It’s a good idea to document what you’re doing whilst you are on your placements. This can include the daily tasks you are involved in, colleague names and contact information, and anything you may be given e.g. meeting notes.

2) Networking
Speak to as many people as you can that are around you and also try to speak to different people in other departments that you may be interested in. This is particularly good if you are undecided about which department you want to work in, in the future. Many people say that they would like to work in Editorial but often, after experience, end up prefering different departments.

3)Be aware
On placement you should be making sure that you are representing yourself as best as possible. This is because future companies may call up and ask for a reference. Also, if people remember you for being a ‘great worker’, it could open up all kinds of opportunities once you are looking for a full time job.

4) Be prepared
A lot of work experience placements are based around administrative duties, which can be sometimes perceived as ‘the boring stuff’. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast, so be prepared for it and try to embrace it as much as possible!

5) Events
If events are happening at the time of your placement, do your best to get involved, as it will give your work a bit more variety and you’ll have more things to say on your CV. 

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