Sunday, 24 July 2011

Do you want to be mentored in publishing?

During my spare time, I’ve been looking for features and collecting interesting articles from national magazines. These include, fashion spreads and articles (which I am documenting in my intern folder). So far I’ve had quite a lot of fun doing this. I even started to rip out advertisements I like – so if anyone asks, that’s the excuse for the cheeky image of Ryan Reynolds!

Anyway, whilst I was doing all this, I came across an interesting advertisement for the Marie Claire Inspire and Mentor Campaign. Essentially, you can apply to be mentee or a mentor, in different areas such as writing or a business start up – check out Claire Watt-Smith’s story on the Marie Claire website

I myself have applied to this scheme because I think it would be a great opportunity! So if you want to as well – click this link:

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