Friday, 15 July 2011

Keeping you updated....

As you can tell, I'm very proactive in gaining internships and work experience - so it's no surprise that currently I'm very busy interning at Orion Books. However, in my spare time I have been researching magazine companies that offer intern/writing opportunities - so check out my 'Intern Opportunities' page.

I have a few exciting plans for my blog including:

  • Posting 'Snapshot Diary' of all my previous work experience placements, including Random House and Hachette. I plan to post all 10 snapsnot journals by October.
  • Posting 'Being prepared for applying for work experience' detailing the do's and don't's and common requirements.
  • Page updates particularly the 'intern opportunities' page   and book publishing opportunities.

In my Life....
I have an interview next week for a magazine internship which I'm very excited about! I've also emailed a couple of places (that are listed on the 'intern opportunities' page) and this is to be a contributor on their website, doing some writing work - so fingers crossed for that.
My main priorities, as I've received quite a lot of publishing experience, is to develop my writing skills and delve into a bit of writing/journalism.

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