Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 - Goodbye to another year

Wow, is it already 2014? I don’t know about you but my year has certainly gone fast! Long gone were the days of graduation and applying for my first job. I’ve now been working at IPC Media for an incredible 18 months, and to this day still feel blessed to have got my foot in the door of a large media company at such a young age.

Three roles later and I feel as though I’ve come along way. I’ve explored a few divisions and feel very much at home in the Connect division. For me, the ultimate highlight of my 2013 was being hired into my current PA role as it has proved to be the stepping-stone I’ve needed to start the path of discovery towards my dream career. I’ve been able to explore all sorts of areas of the business, so the experience has been truly invaluable. It’s safe to say, I’m going into 2014 in a truly happy place.

I think that next year I’ll be able to decide exactly where my career is heading. I can’t imagine being in the role I am in right now for the next 10 years. I keep thinking about a quote in John Maxwell’s book, “to remove one of the roadblocks to success is knowing the difference between motion and direction”, and I feel in the motion right now. I feel as though I need something more challenging, so that is something I’m hoping 2014 will bring.
Overall, my 2013 has been a year of career highs and lows, but I realise that that’s what experience is all about. I’m excited about the new year and I’m sure I’ll discover some great things in 2014.

What is your highlight of 2013?
As a last note, I must say you’ve all been brilliant. I’ve enjoyed reading all your success stories and I’m touched that you are finding my blog useful. Thanks for the continued support and happy New Year to you all!

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