Friday, 19 July 2013

My Graduate Success: Another New Beginning

In my last blog post, ‘My Graduate Success: One Year On’, I alluded to a lot of change within the department structure and a somewhat uncertain future for me. The departure of my boss signified a great deal of change and it readily became apparent to me that my role as a PA was disappearing.

I did what I stated in my previous blog post and started to focus on what I could control. I wanted to do what was best for my career and as I was still keen to be a PA, I started conversations with HR about my career progression. During this time, I was extremely lucky to find out that there was a new opening for a PA position to multiple Publishing Directors in the Connect division. I was thrilled at the prospect of retaining my PA position and subsequently had an interview with them.

To cut a long story short, I managed to secure the role and should be starting in the department in a couple of week’s time. It seems fated that this new position came up and thus I’m so pleased that I can stay at IPC as a PA. When I look back at my first graduate success, I can’t believe that only after one year of working there I’m going to be in my third position and have worked in all three of the divisions. It’s been a fantastic learning curve.

Luckily the future is still looking bright for me and my journey has led me down a new path of discovery. I’ll soon be making the transition from advertising to publishing, an area where there is a chance for me to see how different aspects of the business work. Therefore, I’m excited for what’s ahead and hope that I will continue to be successful. 

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