Saturday, 7 January 2012

Are you looking for a publishing placement?

Intern Opportunities

All vacancies below are advertised on Twitter.

My Beautiful City is seeking a few interns to work in fashion production. The positions are paid.

To apply: Send your CV to

Wonderland Magazine is looking for interns. Unfortunately, I have no more specific information about this, and I can't see any further information on their website. However, use the email address below to find out more details.

To apply: Send your CV to

Are you seeking a one-year work placement in publishing?

6footfashion are currently looking for an intern to do a one-year fashion internship with them. You should be passionate about fashion, and be able to travel to North London for the placement.

To apply: Send your CV to

Career Opportunities

If you are seeking your very first job in publishing, then M&S magazine are looking to employ an exceptional editorial assistant. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more details on this vacancy, but I assume it will be a full time position. This will be a very competitive vacancy so you will need to apply as soon as possible.


Please remember that all the vacancies above can be found on my Twitter profile page - @steff_lever

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