Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Snapshot Diary - Hachette August 2011

For those getting slightly confused – yes I have already written a snapshot diary about Hachette. However, that was for my first placement there, I actually have been lucky enough to complete two placements there – one in April and one in August of this year. This time I was in the publicity department for two weeks.

After my numerous placements in publicity, I decided that it was one of my favourite departments to do work at, and after my initial good impression of Hachette, I definitely wanted to go back there. For those that have forgotten, when I was on my first placement with Hachette, I made sure that I spoke with the Editorial and Publicity team. It was particularly important for me to do this as I was then able to network and gain more contacts in different departments. I always encourage interns to network. Anyway, this opportunity of a second placement would probably have never happened had I of not networked previously.

Anyway, the tasks that I was involved in were:

· Researching

· Mail outs

· Inputting data into spreadsheets

· Composing press releases

· Creating showcards

Overall, this placement was one of the most enjoyable placements that I have been on. This is mainly because the group of employees as they were very friendly, helpful and always there to give advice. Above anything else, I felt comfortable and valued by the team. I highly rate this company and if you get the opportunity to do a placement there, grab it!

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