Saturday, 23 May 2015

Work your Way to the Top and Stay There

At times we can become so focused on day-to-day life that we forget about the bigger picture. Our future, our goals, our aspirations and what it’s going to take to get there. To put off what we should be thinking about today to tomorrow - allowing days to turn into weeks and weeks into months. But all it takes is one or two thoughts today, to start taking crucial steps to a better tomorrow.

Here are some tips to work your way to the top and stay there.

Define your own success
It goes without saying that not everyone’s goals in life are the same. We all have different aspirations and motivations, and the only person who can really decide what’s best for you, is you. So before you start setting yourself goals, have a think about what success really means to you – what does success look like? Make a mental note or grab a pen and decide who the successful you is and what would make you successful. Have a think about where your ‘top’ is or where your ‘there’ is. Once you’ve figured that out, you know what you can start working towards. Being aware is the first step.

Measure progress
It’s all well and good having goals and discovering your own definition of success, but then what? So once you’ve taken that first step, don’t stop there. This is just the beginning of the journey. It’s once we take those first thoughts that they can then become actions and our actions define who we are. So take those thoughts, those goals and run with them.  Put a timeline against them, set a deadline and compile a plan of action. Track your progress and don’t give up if setbacks occur.

Look at the people around you
Don’t forget that there are others around you that can help out. Use them as a springboard for idea, advice or inspiration. For instance, if working your way to the top means having the goal of getting a promotion, then use others for feedback. Don’t shy away from constructive criticism, as in the end, it can only make you better at what you do. Remember if you change nothing then nothing changes.

Everywhere around you there are opportunities. It’s all about recognising them and using them to your advantage. Again, if you have the goal of getting a promotion, then start networking with people in your industry. Share advice, tips and best practises. It’s always a good idea to share knowledge with like-minded individuals because knowledge is power.

Whatever goals you set yourself, there are bound to be learnings along the way, so embrace them. Some will be obvious like attending seminars, external events or reading books. Bear in mind that if you’re always on the lookout for new learnings and opportunities, then you’re well on your way to developing into that successful person you dream of being. Open your eyes and embrace learning and development.

Balance and wellbeing
Lastly, most importantly, on your way to the top (wherever that may be for you), don’t forget about your own wellbeing. It’s so easy to get lost in day-to-day life that you forget about you. Check in with yourself every so often and ask yourself if you’re on track to achieve what you want to be achieving. If you are then great, if you’re not, then determine what you can do today to get back up there.

Always strive for progress not perfection and in doing so, you will get to the top and stay there.

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