Saturday, 7 September 2013

My Graduate Success: My New Beginning So Far....

My new beginning couldn’t have worked out better. It seems that I’ve found my feet and settled into my new role very quickly. My slight reservations about whether I’d fit into a fast paced weeklies environment and handle not one, not two, but three bosses has now vanished. It’s been such a smooth transition.

Opposite from the mixed bag of personalities I use to work with, this new bunch are much more of a similar kind. They’re very nice and approachable people yet, they’re focussed on the task at hand. Most of the time all you can hear is the tapping of a keyboard and the distant conversations from the nearby hustle and bustle of the brand and hub teams. Our space is a far cry from the stressful marketing environment I worked in last year - these people just get on with it and I love them for it!

As for my bosses, they’re dotted all around the place; one of them doesn’t even reside on the same floor! All three of them are brilliant though. Once again, I’ve got lucky with another set of bosses who are genuinely nice people. I think it really makes a difference to a working environment - and even more so being in the role that I’m in!

Despite still being a PA, my new role is quite different from when I was in the Inspire division. I probably now do less of the traditional PA role and instead I’m branching out to other areas of the business. Currently my efforts are focussed on trying to expand my workload so I’m getting involved in various projects. This role is brilliant as it’s much like a stepping stone to getting into various work areas be it in marketing, publishing or editorial. So there’s never been a better time for me to explore my career options.

Even though the new department I work in is only a few floors down, it feels worlds away from where I’ve come from and the people I use to work with. It’s amazing how one large company can be home to such diversity. If IPC were a parent then I would be the child. I feel blessed to be spending the early part of my career here, and I’m sure that many opportunities lie ahead. The only way is up.

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