Saturday, 24 August 2013

Guest Blog Post: An Interview with a Publisher by Yasmin Jaunbocus

An interview with a Publisher

Whilst an interview with a vampire may seem like the scarier option, when a career in publishing is your life ambition, it’s a scary thought that your life is in the hands of your interviewer.

A garland of garlic and a wooden crucifix isn’t going to get you far, but doing your research is! Hit the books. Hard. This was one of the best pieces of advice I gained from the Diary of a Publishing Professional blog. Your interviewers will be impressed by your knowledge and it shows you’ve come prepared – it will make you as a candidate stand out amongst the rest. Make sure you get to grips with company facts, history and figures. Then look at current news. For example, e-books have raised Amazon books sales by 66% this year, so what can you add to the market in terms of digital publishing? Don’t just chuck some random facts, link your research/facts to what you can do for the department.

Don’t forget to take a deep breath. When asked a question, pause and think about what you’re really being asked.  Speak slowly, relate your answer back to the question, and use the keywords used by your interviewer. Don’t just reel off buzzwords; they are arbitrary alone. Instead, use real life examples or STAR answers that prove your abilities.

Smile! Unlike vampires, they won’t bite! There is no use saying you’re a confident, bubbly personality bursting with ideas when you’re paler than a sheet and your teeth are chattering. Try to keep the nerves and mind at ease. After all, you already are through to the interview stage, which means they see potential. The interviewers aren’t there to trip you up. Smile and they will smile back.

Last but certainly not least, you need to be passionate. Don’t just be black and white about it. You’re one graduate amongst a sea of others. What makes you stand out? Think of yourself like a book. Your interview is your blurb. Would you read what you have to say? If not, a publisher isn’t either. 

By Yasmin Jaunbocus

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