Saturday, 26 May 2012

My Recommended Online Resources for Interview Preparation

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This week I’m continuing my interview blog post theme, and I’m going to supply you with some resources for interview preparation that I have found particularly useful. Whether you’ve got an interview coming up or you’re hoping to get one, spend your free time wisely and get clued up with interviews.
It seems that the graduate market really is as competitive as people say, and if you’re lucky enough to be shortlisted for an interview then there is really no room for error. An interview is like getting one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. The fierce competition for the entry-level publishing job makes the interview preparation crucial to being hired – hence my series of interview preparation blog posts. Below I have listed a few of the well-known websites that give interview advice, but of course there are LOADS and these are just a few of my favourites.

1)     The Student Room
I found a super long but useful blog post on the student room forums. It details 50 questions that you are interviewer may ask you and some advice about how to answer.
Check out: The Student Room 

2)     The Guardian Careers
I’m always writing about the Guardian Careers in one way or another and this is because they are really useful. They have an entire section on interviews, not to mention all of the other recruitment related topics.
Check out: The Guardian Careers 

3)     The Telegraph Website
The Telegraph website has a careers advice section with a useful article regarding the 10 most frequently asked interview questions. It as well gives advice about how you should be answering the questions.
Check out: The Telegraph 

4)     Prospects
I couldn’t leave out the UK’s official graduate website. It has plenty of tips regarding job interviews including what impressions to make, interview questions and problems. You could definitely spend a few hours on this website and find out a lot.

These are four of my favourites. However, a simple Google search will pick up an array of useful websites to prepare you for an interview. If you’re in a similar position to me of applying for jobs and hoping for an interview, then the best way to occupy your time is to research all facets of the recruitment process.

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