Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Intern Opportunities

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Intern Opportunities

Recently I have teamed up with UK Fashion Intern (@ukfashionintern), who has carefully selected this week’s intern opportunities.

Where? London

What? Editorial

Fashion Editorial - http://t.co/NKIq18dY

Do you want to edit a fashion magazine? - http://ow.ly/1JHAFQ

Fashion Copy Writing Internship http://ow.ly/1JFydW

Journalism Internship http://ow.ly/1xDU7C

Where? London

What? PR

Online Communication and PR Internship http://ow.ly/1JGPg7

PR Internship http://ow.ly/1JGQlq

Where? Manchester

What? PR

Press and Social Media Intern http://ow.ly/1JHroc

Are you looking for your first job?

Random House is recruiting an Editorial Assistant for Bantam Press. Deadline 4th of April. Please follow the link for information and to apply http://www.careersatrandom.co.uk/rhc_vacancies.asp.

Please remember that most the vacancies are on my Twitter profile page - @steff_lever

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