Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Snapshot Diary: Little Tiger Press 2010

Straight after my 4 week placement at Random House, I went onto a children’s publisher called the ‘Little Tiger Press’. It was such a contrast from my previous placement, but on the plus side, it was my first placement within editorial book publishing.

My first impressions of the office were its sheer small size. However, it wasn’t off putting as all the employees were very friendly and helpful to me. Also, another plus was that I found the small meetings held a wealth of information about a lot of the different aspects of publishing such as, editorial, production and design. During my time at Little Tiger Press I was mainly handling submissions, which was a great new skill that I had learnt.

Anyway, these were the tasks I was involved in:
  • Submissions – reading, logging, replying and segregating those of interest for my editor.
  • General Admin duties
  • Reorganising book shelves
  • Sitting in on weekly meetings
  • Mail outs
Overall, I was kept very busy, with the majority of my time being spent handling unsolicited submissions, and there were a lot. The company would receive at least 7 submissions a day. Looking back, I did enjoy this placement but after the couple of weeks I spent there I definitely preferred a larger company. Also, I realised that I preferred adult fiction as opposed to working with children’s.

For anyone wanting to go into book publishing I would definitely recommend going on placements at a variety of publishers. This will then give you a feel about what your publishing preferences are, whenever you start searching for a career. 

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